Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Raincoat

Here is a picture of my mother trying on her raincoat before her vacation. I don't know who looks fobbier; her in her raincoat, or me in her tourist hat.

Mommy dearest is always happy to pose for pictures of undisclosed intent


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Disney's Hiring Policy

My parents just came back from a Disneyland vacation and my mom was telling us some stories from their trip.

Mom: Hey Dad, remember when we were at the Star Wars line and the Chinese worker came out and he kep' sayin' "FORM TWO LINE! FORM TWO LINE!" but I guess nobody could understand him but me! That's why I stand next to you. I think I was the only other Chinese person there. You white people didn't know what to do HAHAH!

Dad: Well I couldn't really make out was he was saying so I just ignored him.

Mom: I was actually surprised to see a Chinese operator in the park. Usually Disney is pretty good about only hiring white people.

Oh she is SO not hired