Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Year of the Snake

In keeping with Chinese tradition, this year my family and I rung in the Lunar New Year by having a huge family argument.

To set the scene, my mother was nagging my little brother to no end for chronically being absent for household chores and commitments, which she had reason to do. However, instead of trying to articulate the source of her perturbation, my mommy dearest thought it would be far more productive just to go around in circles saying every little thing that irritated her about my brother i.e. "Why are you so stupid!"

Having fob in my DNA I'm not one to shy away from an argument so I decided to act as the impartial third party to mediate as best as I could. Still, after a solid hour of arguing I got fed up with entertaining my mom's fob-rage.

In a final act of indifference I said (sarcastically) "Well if you're irritated with Brendan then why don't you just make up random rules for no reason?" To which she "replied I DID make up random rules for no reason but obviously that's not working!"


POST UPDATE: My mom called me yesterday to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day then she said "You made me so angry on Chinese New Year! You were so bad that I didn't want to give you any hugs!"

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