Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Burger King Rant

It's been a while. I should probably post something!

My mom used to work at Burger King WAAAY back in her teenage years, and every now and again my sister and I will ask about her Burger King days to get her reminiscing. We don't ask because we're particularly interested or anything. We bring it up because, without fail, she goes on this impassioned rant about all the free burgers she ate.

Anyways here is just your general run down of my mom's un-interruptable Burger King Rant:

"Free food? You bet I had free food! I ate a chicken burger everyday with a BIG chocolate shake! And I didn't even need to order off the menu. I made it MY special way! Back then it was all free for the Burger King employees. Probably not anymore. I could have eaten anything I wanted. The best part of that job was definitely the free food. Yeah I had to wear a uniform, but the burgers were free and mommy loved the milkshakes! I am surprise I didn't gain a lot of weight from all the free food but I was a teenager. It was soooo yummy... free food is the bess! Gong gong and por por were happy I got free food."

Gotta love the visual of my mother in a 1970s Burger King uniform.


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