Friday, 20 July 2012

The Lecture Stance

This is my mom's lecturing stance:

Fobs possess excellent lecturing skills and will try to use any opportunity to either lecture their children, or give them unwanted advice.

This fob in particular likes to lecture her children atop her perch on the stairs. She asserts her dominance by looking down on them as she unleashes her fob fury.

Fobs are also very determined lecturers. Their fobspring may have already matured well into their adulthood, but that still won't stop the mother fob from unleashing her full-fledged fob attack.

As painful as the lectures can be, they play an important roll in the fobspring's development. Many fobspring are happy, successful people as a result of the massive ear hemorrhaging lectures they endured as children. Additional benefits include a gratitude for all the times they got their @$$ whooped instead of getting a lecture... Good times.


  1. "fob furry" -- was this intentional? ;-)

    Great blog btw ... so cathartic! I just had a recent blowup with my fob mom and found this site for support. Glad to know I'm not alone in my annoyance with foberisms. Thanks!

    1. Oops! Spelling mistake! Thanks for the correction!

      I'm glad I can help remind you that you are not alone in your fob strife!