Monday, 21 October 2013

Sometimes my Uncle is a Fob

We had my out-of-town uncle over for thanksgiving and he was entertaining us with some stories from his recent trip to China. Apparently, some of the gwai los on his trip fell victim to pick-pockets while he avoided being swindled due to his heightened alertness. In typical fob fashion, he started to give us young folk tips on how to travel safely and protect ourselves from bad people. He went on to describe how nowadays the Chinese thieves are using tongs to reach into your pockets to steal your wallet and/or cigarettes so we need to keep all our valuables hidden inside our vests. He even gave us a straight-up Zorro-style demonstration using the tongs he grabbed out of the vegetable bowl on the dinner table.

Not to be outdone by my uncle's clear fob supremacy, my mother proudly announced that she too is a very clever traveler by exclaiming "I told ga jie to buy a decoy wallet from the dollar store to put above her real wallet!"

Nicely done, One-uppington!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Mode and Miwdew

If your parent is a fob, he/she may be concerned with the growth of "mode" or "miwdew" in their dated 90s bathroom.

I know mine is.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Chinese Food

So this happened...

The guy responsible for Rebecca Black's "Friday" has struck again, this time, with a song about Chinese Food. I'm sure some people will say that this video is racist, but I think this video is great. What's not to like? The catchy beat, poetic lyrics, ever changing subtitle language, inexplicable clubbing of a 10 year old girl, Japanese geishas dancing at a chinese restaurant, greasy north-americanized chinese food, and a creepy panda... seems like the ingredients of a family-friendly hit to me!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Hair Elastic

My mom came over to my house and I noticed that her hair was tied back with one of these...

I guess if it can hold your broccoli together then there's no reason why it can't keep your hair out of your face. Resourceful.