Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Flying the Coop

If you are a fobspring you probably know that no matter how old you are your fobby parent likes to keep you on a short leash. Chances are, you have fine morals and can distinguish between "edible" and "poisonous", but just in case, your loving fob parent still demands a minimum level of contact in a day to give them peace of mind.

Because of a fob's aversion to letting their children out of their sights, many fobs out there find it difficult to grapple with the idea of their little babies leaving the nest. Conversely, many of these babies can't wait until they either fly the coop or get eaten by a hawk... whichever comes first.

I managed to spread my wings and fly into a comfy little place of my own four years ago. My siblings, on the other hand, are still stuck in the suburban fob-nest we grew up in.

Recently, my sister found out that she would be going back and forth between the University and a school near a train station for her practicum placement. I offered to have her stay with me because I live right by a train station, and it would make it easy for her to get around without needing a car.

Despite the tireless opposition from our mother dearest, my sister agreed to come over and stay with me for the week.

After the first few days of housing my sister, I decided to e-mail my mom and ask her how she'd been holding down the fort with one less kid around.

Sorry, mom!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Dollarama Stocking Stuffers

Blogger has this feature where you can see any Google searches that have directed people to your blog. For example, the other day I had two hits on my blog after someone googled "fobulous".

I was noticing that before Christmas I was getting hits on my Dollarama-rama post because of people searching "Dollarama Stocking Stuffers" on Google.

It was highly amusing to me, as I could only speculate that the people being sent to my blog were probably Chinese.

For me, this year's stocking stuffers were nothing short of fobulous.

One of the items my mother put in my stocking this year. What a whimsical gift!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas

With the Christmas season behind us, I will share a story that I've been holding onto until my family gift exchange had passed.

My little brother's birthday is December 10th, and somehow, every year I forget to buy him a birthday present despite being the type of person who typically finishes their Christmas shopping in November. In any event, it's always kind of a last minute challenge for me and my family to think of an original birthday gift for him, while trying to avoid any overlap with his Christmas gifts.

So anyways, my mom calls me a couple of days before my brother's birthday...

Mom: What did you get your brother for his birthday?

Me: I haven't gotten him anything yet.

Mom: Did you get him anything for Christmas yet?

Me: Yeah I'm got him a sweater, an athletic shirt, and a laser pointer for his classroom/personal amusement.

Mom: Oh ok that's perfect because I'm going to give him money.

Me: Ok then why did you need to check in with me?

Mom: To make sure we didn't get him the same thing!

I'm sure he would have been devastated...