Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sometimes My Cousin is a Fob

As a fob, one must uphold a certain level of function over form. For example, a fob would definitely be more concerned about staying warm over worrying whether her over-sized jacket matches her slip-on hiking shoes.

Fact is, fobs don't care if you judge them for their weird behaviour or questionable fashion decisions so long as they're keeping it practical!

My cousin, whom I will call "Jamie" was having troubles with her iPhone shortly after she bought it. When she tried to have a phone conversation, whoever she was talking to couldn't hear her even though she could hear them perfectly fine. Baffled, she took her phone to the Apple store.

There they asked her if she had her volume turned all the way up. She said she did. A few pensive moments later the sales associate realized the issue and proceeded to peel off the temporary plastic screen protector which was covering the receiver. Way to keep it real, Jamie!

If you've ever entered a fob habitat, you've probably noticed the protective plastic covers on all the screens and shiny surfaces. I myself am very guilty of this. Heck, here is a picture of my phone so you can see for yourself. Mine even has a tab on the side for easy removal... like that's ever gonna happen!

And it doesn't matter if the plastic starts to get dirt and dust under it's upturned edges! It's still good!

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