Wednesday, 17 October 2012


My family recently dog-sat for my in-laws while they were away on a cruise. When I first asked my mother if they would consider dog-sitting, she was a little leery as they had just put in some new flooring. However, the dog is really small and very well-behaved so I convinced her that everything would be fine, and she eventually agreed.

Fast forward to the day after my in-laws return from their vacation and I get a phone call from my mother checking in on the dog:

Mom: How is Misha?

Me: She is good.

Mom: Did she remember her real mommy and daddy?

Me: Yes. She was excited to see them.

Mom: Awe.. did she miss us?

Me: I dunno. I can't say.

Mom: Awe... dad misses her.

Me: I think YOU miss her.

Mom: Yeah I do... I miss her growling face and her begging.

Me: See I told you you would love her.

Mom: I know!

My sister in the background: Yesterday mom was like "STUPID ERIN! SHE SAID WE WOULD LOVE THAT DOG AND WE DID!"

 Here is a picture of the puppy Misha in her Santa hat!

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