Thursday, 24 May 2012

Elevator Puke

One of my earliest memories takes me back to one particular Halloween at day care. I remember stealing candy from the other kids at the day care and eating myself into a sucrose coma. The day care ladies had to set me up with a blue mat in the corner of the room because I was so incapacitated.

Later on that day my mom came to pick me up but she needed to go back into the office for something. When we got to the elevator in her building I remember telling her that I didn't want to go inside because I felt like I was going to puke. My mom quickly dismissed my warning and yanked me into the elevator where I proceeded to puke my guts out as soon as the elevator started its ascent.

Last weekend I was re-living that cherished childhood memory with my mom.

Me: Hey mom, remember when I puked in the elevator at your office that one Halloween?

Mom: Yes. You ate too much candy.

Me: I vividly remember the janitor coming over with his trolley of cleaning supplies, but you stopped him and said "Let me clean it up. It's my kid". Then you cleaned up my barf like a good mom.

Mom: Well I felt bad. I didn't want him cleaning up your barf. Besides, he was Chinese!

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