Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Points for Presentation

As I've stated before, FOBs are an industrious people with a reputation for using unconventional materials to carry out their desired tasks...

When my husband and I first started dating, my mom needed a letter notarised. She knew my boyfriend's dad was a lawyer, so she saw an opportunity to not only get her letter notarised, but to also meet one of my boyfriend's parents. She made an appointment to see him, and on the day of her appointment, I was over at my boyfriend's house for dinner.

Me: So did my mom come into your office today?

Mr. G: She did.

Me: And how did it go?

Mr. G: I got her letter notarised and she stayed for a little while to chat. You know, I think she is the nicest lady I've ever met.

Me: Yep. She's definitely friendly! So she didn't do anything embarrassing or weird, did she?

Mr. G: No. Well actually... she came into my office carrying this big garbage bag. At first, I wondered what she was doing with it, but then she pulled out two tins of Tim Horton's coffee and hot chocolate as a gift.

Me: Sounds like my mom!

I can just imagine my tiny asian mother entering a nice downtown office building with her garbage bag in tow. I'm sure the security guards were placed on high alert.

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