Thursday, 31 May 2012

Crimestopper Mom

Last Labour Day long weekend my sister arose to a frightening scene at the fob-household.

Her bedroom just so happens to be right above the garage, and this particular night she was awoken by the sound of the garage door opening. Being half-asleep, she didn't really realize that everyone in the household was accounted for and therefore no one should be coming in at this hour.

Moments later she heard my mom screaming "HEY! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING???"

Now fully awake, my sister peered out her bedroom window to see a man riding off on a bicycle. A couple of seconds later, she saw my mother pull out of the garage behind him in hot pursuit.

Panicking, my sister ran downstairs to wake our little brother. "Wang, wake up! I think someone was in the garage and now mom is gone!"

They ran upstairs to survey the state of the garage. Nothing seemed to be missing other than the car my mom was undoubtedly using to commit vehicular homicide right that very second.

They waited up for a few minutes, and finally my mom drove back into the cul-de-sac.

Sister: What happened???

Mom: He got away. He was trying to steal from the car but I scared him!

Sister: What did he look like?

Mom: Some white guy. Late 20s? He was riding very causally until he realize I was chasing him! He tried to lose me but I kep’ chasing him!

Sister: Did you hit him?

Mom: No, I wanted to! But I don't want to go to jail so I let him get away. I think I made him shit his pants though!

Soon after the three of them began taking an inventory of the garage, and the contents of all the cars. They noticed that the garage door clicker in my brother's car was missing, so my brother had obviously left his doors unlocked on the driveway, giving the burglar a free pass into the garage.

The thief had managed to steal an empty Elton John CD case, but he left my brother's Monster cable still plugged into the cigarette lighter. This burglar obviously knew what he was doing.

We later discovered that he had also stolen a pair of $10 sunglasses. Our house must’ve been a big pay day for him!

Anyways, my siblings headed back to their bedrooms to try to fall back asleep. My mom on the other hand, stayed up an extra HOUR staked-out at the front window waiting to see if the perp would return… as if her police style chase down wasn't enough.

Nice one mom!

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