Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sour Milk

Having immigrated from Hong Kong, my mother has been blessed with an iron stomach. Now that's not to say she has taste buds of steel, but that's a post for another day.

Anyways, my mom has been known to eat her fair share of food that has been left to linger well past it's best-before date. Actually, she puts up a big fight when we want to throw something away. Quite often, she'll beg us to spare her putrid food, and she'll protect it by labeling the container "Mom's".

Over time, we've coined a term for the forgotten items in the back of the fridge. We lovingly refer to these consumables as "mom's rottens". Every now and again you'll see a note on the fridge saying "Mom, please eat your rottens by Saturday".

The other week, my brother found a carton of chocolate milk that had been left to expire in the basement fridge. He brought it up for my sister to smell.

Brother: Hey, smell this milk. Someone left it downstairs.

Sister: Ewww nasty!

Brother: Should we leave it for mom?

Sister: Sure.

Later on that day, my sister pointed out the expired chocolate milk that had recently been transplanted to the upstairs fridge.

Sister: Mom, someone left the chocolate milk downstairs and it's expired now.

Mom: OOOOH! Mochaccinos for mommy!

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