Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A stands for "Alive"

As everyone knows, FOBs are very firmly rooted in their belief of academic excellence.  They didn't come all this way so you could slack off! Actually... ever since elementary school there has always been an unspoken yet well understood rule of thumb at my house:

A's stand for "Alive" i.e. your fobby parent will allow you to remain alive upon receipt of this grade.

B's stand for "Brain Dead" i.e. if you weren't brain dead before, you will be soon.

Similarily, C's stand for "Coma",

D's stand for "Death",

and F's stand for "Funeral" i.e. there will be no funeral because no one will ever find the body.

Luckily for me, I was always WAY smarter than my mom since day one ;)

My siblings on the other hand... well I guess my mom thought they needed a little extra help.

One day when I was over at my parents' house for dinner, my mom began asking my brother about some dude that I'd never heard of before. After a very long and drawn out conversation about what this guy did and what he said, I finally asked her:

Me: Who the hell are you guys talking about?

Mom: The protagoniss from Brendan's novel study

Me: Omg, did you read his novel study book?

Mom: Yes, that way I can help him write his report. Duh!

Me: -_-

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  1. Oh I must give credit to Tennille for reminding me of this one!