Friday, 30 March 2012

Mattress Shopping

As usual, my family is engaged in a rousing conversation around the dinner table. We are discussing the intellectual topic of which sibling looks the most oriental. As our conversation unfolds, we get onto the topic of racial prejudice. Neither I nor my siblings have ever encountered racial prejudice in our lives, so we directed the conversation towards my mom:

Me: Mom, have you ever been discriminated against for being Asian?

Mom: I don’t think so.

Me: Has anyone ever said anything racist to you?

Mom: Well sort of. When you kids were little I took you mattress shopping. You were being such little shits and jumping on the mattresses! Anyways, this little boy ran over to you because he wanted to play, but then his grandma grab him away and said "BILLY– or whatever the hell his name was– GET AWAY FROM THOSE CHINKS!" So I was like "Let's get the eff outta here!"

Me: Does that make you mad?

Mom: Not really.

Me: Yeah... you can't let the ignorance of others bring you down.

Mom: Well she's probably dead by now!

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