Friday, 13 April 2012

The Honorary Asians

This post is both about my stupid husband and my fobby mom.
Part 1: Since I am a half-breed, I’ve always had a “white grandma” and a “chinese grandma”.

One day I was explaining to some friends how Mark’s grandmother is a fraternal twin. He then interrupted me with a confused look on his face.
Mark: What? My grandma is not a twin!?!?”
Me: Yes she is. Your grandma Cook had a fraternal twin sister.
Mark: OOOOH you’re talking about my WHITE grandma.
Me: Mark, you are white. BOTH of your grandmas are white.
Mark: Oh right.
I guess he considers himself to be a half-breed now too. Actually, Mark is kind of an honorary Chinese person anyways since he's been accepted into the family.

Part 2: My dad is an honorary asian too!

The following conversation begins with my mom telling my little brother how proud she is of herself for raising him:
Mom: You turn out so good because of your asian parents haha!
Brother: Right… except for that dad is white.
Mom: No, he is asian because he is smart. Smart enough not to get in my way hahaha!

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