Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Japanese Tsunami

When my grandfather was alive, he was not particularly fond of the Japanese. Like many old Chinese people, he has held a grudge ever since Japan invaded China way back in the day.

My grandmother, on the other hand, must have done a better job of letting it go because it doesn't quite bother her as much.

Last year when the tsunami struck in Japan, my mom was discussing making a donation to the relief fund with my grandmother. After seeing all the devastation on TV, my grandmother expressed that "it's OK to help the Japanese now", so my mom went ahead and made her donation.

So my mom and I are having a conversation and she decides to let me know what she's done:

Mom: I donated to the Japanese tsunami. Good thing Gong Gong is not around, otherwise he will not be happy! Hahahahaha!

Me: Why are you laughing?

Mom: I don't know... I think it's funny Gong Gong don't like the Japanese.

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