Monday, 16 April 2012

NUMBER 17???

My mom has a tendency to ask me for advice or my opinion, only to throw it back in my face and disregard it completely. Now you may think that's harsh, but I'm used to it, and most of the time it's actually quite humorous...

My mom e-mailed me a link to a graduation photography website. She called me and asked me to have a look at my brother's grad proofs.

Mom: Which pictures do you like best?

Me: Umm... I think number 1 is nice. I like number 5, 8, 17 --

Mom: NUMBER 17??? He looks like a retard in number 17!


  1. I hear ya!'s the trick... You ask HER first which ones she thinks are the best. :P

    1. Then I just agree with her and no one gets called a retard! Jamie knows best!