Thursday, 26 April 2012

Like Me!

I have started a facebook page for The FOBulous Mom. If you find Her Royal Fobbiness amusing, you should consider moseying on down to FB and "Liking" her page!

I've compiled a list of ten reasons why you may want to "Like" The FOBulous Mom:
  1. You have a fobby parent
  2. You like to read about fobs
  3. You like to laugh
  4. You like to laugh at fobs
  5. You like chinese food
  6. You are easily amused
  7. You are related to me and should therefore feel obligated to support me
  8. You enjoy mild racism
  9. You have no idea what a fob is
  10. You have body odour

Stay in-the-know with updates and new posts sent directly to your newsfeed! Don't delay! The FOBulous Mom is a click away!

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